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Timber Poland - Okleiny naturalne

Precious wooden sheets from entire world

It is a year of the presence of Timber Poland s.c from Radomsko on the Polish market. The company provides precious natural veneers from all over the word for the furniture manufacturers. All the suppliers are facing the highest technological standards established on the basis of the needs of Polish customers.

"Our quality selection of veneers is based on choosing of these veneer manufacturers which have the appropriate technological backup, meaning: hydrothermal process of preparing the raw material which let s soften up logs during cutting and the pro cess of dr ying together with pres sing which, in the appropriate time and temperature gain the best humidity for its destination." - says Dominik Chochol. In the final phase appropriately dried and pressed material is cut by doubleknife guillotines what helps it to keep exactly the same width on the whole wooden sheet. Such material has a very important feature for Polish recipients: the accuracy and the dimensional stability. It is helping furniture producers with the better material efficiency.

"We know from our experience how to face the customer's demands: the two important factors for the client is the wide range of different kind of veneers and the highest quality." says Dominik Chochol, Sales Menager of Tinber Poland.

That is why Timber Poland have decided to provide veneers with different thickness: 1 mm - 4 mm imported especially for the door producers. In our offer the purchaser may find also engineered veneers. To be more competitive Timber Poland is extending the offer all the time. It is accepting even the orders for untypical products.

Timber Poland storages the amount of material which allows us to guarantee the customers the stability of supplies. Company delivers products using own transport or through forwarding services.