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Timber Poland - Okleiny naturalne


  • Veneers


    Top quality natural veneers. It all begins with hydrothermally treated materials that enable logs of wood to be plasticised. The veneer is then dried while being pressed at just the right temperature for just long enough to ensure it has just the right moisture content for its designated purpose. The properly dried out and pressed veneer is finally cut with a double-blade guillotine to ensure that its width is exactly the same along its entire length.

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  • Facing boards

    Facing boards

    The selection of raw materials for this product is based on their quality and dimensions. This affects the productivity of customers who mainly use facing boards for doors and stairways. Knife flakers are used to make 1.5-2.5 mm facing boards. Saws are used to make 3.0-6.0 mm facing boards.

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  • Veneered board

    Veneered board

    This is known as natural veneer and is made by pasting the veneer onto chipboard MDF, HDF, plywood or blockboard. The natural and inimitable wood pattern is a huge plus with these kinds of boards, especially as they can all be covered with dozens of natural or modified veneers from our wide range.

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  • Edging


    Standard: interfacing or glue. Layered: up to 3.00 mm thick. Cladding veneers: thickness 0.35-0.40 mm backed with interfacing.

    As per special Customer orders. 

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  • Wood table tops

    Wood table tops

    Glued wood table tops made of European and exotic wood in solid and avant-garde shapes. All are highly dense and firm, which means a lower shrinkage factor. These advantages mean the product can serve as a kitchen or bathroom top and can be used to make stairs. We have a very wide colour range that can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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  • Timber


    Domestic and foreign timber classified by quality and size according to industry standards and applicable standards.

    Edged timber thickness: 26, 52 and 76 mm. 

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  • Soft Plywoods

    Soft Plywoods

    Made of African wood – Framager, which has special properties, such as lightness and softness. Comes in a wide range of thicknesses.

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